Bay Area Real Estate Market Update November 19, 2021 | Silicon Valley Tech Companies Keep GROWING! |

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00:00 Intro

01:52 Weekly News Highlights - Big San Jose apartment complex lands buyer for nearly $197 million

05:22 Demand and rents for Bay Area lab spaces are on the rise - San Francisco Business Times

06:18 Major Biotech REIT Pays $164 Million for Chunk of Oracle's Silicon Valley Portfolio

08:00 Bay Area neighborhoods are seeing normal growth in home prices vs. steep acceleration

13:56 Single-family rents soar in tight housing market

15:08 Groundhog Day: Opendoor keeps growing and losing money

19:35 Market Updates - San Mateo County

20:59 Santa Clara County

21:37 Alameda County

22:15 Contra Costa

22:56 Bay Area New Listings



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