Best Long Term Investment in the Bay Area | Weekly Bay Area Real Estate Tip #16

Every Tuesday, I go into detail a question I frequently get asked. Question of the week! Which county am I most bullish in the Bay Area for the long term and why? While some counties are booming right now due to extended work from home policies, there are many things that people forget about the Bay Area 5 months ago.

My thesis about strong long term appreciation while minimizing the downside risk comes down to location, location, location. However, what does this mean when people can work from home? Why are prices still rising in even some of the most expensive counties in the Bay Area? Shouldn’t Bay Area real estate prices tank? Not so fast... Now while many companies like Facebook and Google have allowed their employees to work from home until mid of next year, not every company has the luxury to do so. Even these companies are making large commercial real estate bets in this environment.

My entire thesis and long term bet is about 1 thing. Commute lifestyle. I am still very bullish that Big Tech along with other companies will continue to be building in the same hubs. It’s a community and talent attraction play. Did you know that Uber owned the Sears building in Oakland years ago? Do you know why they sold it a year later? It’s because they couldn’t recruit the talent they wanted there. Why is San Mateo county the most expensive county in the Bay Area? It is because it is centrally located between the hubs of San Francisco and Palo Alto. Many cities there aren’t in good school districts but it provides the flexibility for couples work while providing some of the most tranquil lifestyles available. Now why else is it the most expensive? Supply and Demand. Take a look at the number of homes that sell each year. Also take a look on a map of the new construction that is available. There isn’t that many. It’s not because developers don’t like to build there, it’s because residents and city officials hate building there. There is a reason why there is so little construction in the Peninsula versus San Jose, Milpitas, Fremont and the East Bay which are building tens of thousands of condos/townhomes.

Now my thesis may be ruined if people truly can work anywhere for good. But if that thesis is the case, then why live in the Bay Area? You should sell your home today and move to a low tax state. I personally am very long in the Bay Area real estate market still due to the magic of Tech and Biotech which is actually the top 2 largest hub in the country surpassing San Diego and being very close to Boston. 

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