Buying a NEW construction home in the Bay Area? Here's what you NEED to know!

Are you considering buying a new construction home in the Bay Area? Before you start touring properties and picking out your kitchen cabinet colors, you need to know these KEY STEPS  about choosing one that’s right for you and how to avoid any setbacks when buying from a home builder! 

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Buying a brand new construction home can be an exciting thing! Who doesn’t want shiny new appliances?! While getting the keys to a BRAND NEW home is something to be excited about, it is much different than buying a home from a seller. There are a lot of steps to the process of buying a new construction home that you may have not experienced if you’ve purchased a home in the past OR especially if you’re a first-time homebuyer! Things can get difficult if you aren’t armed with the right knowledge or don’t have the right resources to help get you through the process.

Let me take you through 10 STEPS you need to know when you’re buying a new construction home in the Bay Area. I’ve worked with many home builders before, and this knowledge can help make the process a rewarding homebuying experience - just like it should be.

It’s my goal to help my homebuyers move into their new homes in a reasonable time, avoid any miscommunications, and make it to closing day stress-free!

Have you purchased a brand new home from a builder before? What did you learn about the process? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 

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