How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent for You

When choosing a real estate agent to represent you as either the seller or buyer party, you don’t want to just choose any old real estate agent you find off the internet. A real estate agent is meant to make your life easier and to “guide” you through the process when buying or selling your home. I like to tell my clients that it’s a journey, and one I hope they choose to take one with me.Think of finding a real estate agent as shopping for a really valuable lifeline that feeds you information beneficial to your situation. You want a good return on your investment, am I right?

With that said, below are some steps and guidance to finding the right real estate agent for you.

How to Find a Great Realtor 

When on your search to find a good realtor, your first option is to reach out to anyone in your close circle and if they have any recommendations or if they worked with a great one before they wouldn’t mind setting you up with. This includes contacting friends, family, coworkers and anyone else who you trust. 

If you find you want to search for your agent yourself, that is not a problem either, but take these steps to ensure you are weeding out the best ones. For example, once you find someone you're potentially interested in, you first want to verify them online. This involves simply typing in their name via or and then researching their production. They should have done at least 20 transactions within the last 12 months to show that they are skilled and committed in their field. 

If you can’t verify them through there, you can also look agents up online through a search engine and see what reviews or information may pop up on there. Delve further and see what kind of social media presence along with video content is out there. For example, I release two videos a week on YouTube that are also shared to my Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to make sure I can be found and verified for my clients! In this way, you are passively learning your future agents mindset and ability to understand the market. In the serious increasing competition among real estate agents, almost all agents should have at least an online presence and if they don’t, that might be a sign to keep on looking.

Are They Really an Expert in Their Field Like They Say? 

Here are some telltale signs whether or not a real estate agent is knowledgeable and knows what they’re doing:

  • Production. A great real estate agent from a good one is how much value and transactions they actually produced. You want someone who takes action and can get results when buying or selling your home to get you the best offer and value out there. Something I like to share with my clients is how many families I have helped over a recent time span (50 over 15 months!). 

  • Communication. An agent should get back to you almost immediately when you have any questions, offers coming in, answering concerns you may have, etc. This also includes honest communication — there should be an understanding between you and your agent so there are no assumptions and misunderstandings.

  • Resourceful and organized. Your real estate agent should be a walking and talking guide of the area you want to move to. If that isn’t the case they should be responsible for looking up any questions that may not know themselves. They should know about home value trends, local schools, the best restaurants in town and so much more! A great real estate agent stays on top of their game and that is shown through how they present their knowledge. 

Don’t be shy, vet your real estate agents first! 

So you’ve rounded out your top three real estate agents using the above guidelines and you’re having trouble choosing between the three. Welcome to our next step and start interviewing your agents before you (face-to-face is always recommended). Asking them questions in person is a great way to really understand who they are and if they align with your real estate goals. 

  1. How many homes have you bought/sold in the last 12 months? The results speak for themselves. 

  2. What are your strengths and does that pertain to what you’re looking for?Every agent is good at different things, you want to choose one that best fits your needs and goals.

  3. How are you a good agent for first-time buyers? If you are a first-time buyer this can be an important factor to really choose the real estate agent right for you. 
  4. What is your strategy in making competitive offers? You want a real estate agent who will fight for you and your needs and they need a good strategy to do so. Here’s your chance to ask what that may be. 
  5. What programs would you use to sell a home?Really give them a chance to showcase their expertise by explaining any tools they may use to further their competitive advantage.

Hopefully by now, you are left with your top choice! No one said it would be super easy when finding a great real estate agent, but it is definitely worth it. This is someone you should be able to trust, communicate with and learn from and someone who WILL either sell your home or get you your dream home you deserve!

I hope after reading this article, that making a decision in choosing the right real estate agent for you has cleared up any confusions or doubts. If you are in the Bay Area and/or are looking to move here or relocate, then you will most definitely find I have all of the above qualifications and then some! I will personally welcome you and walk you through the home buying or selling process and will answer any questions in the meantime that you may have.

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If you found any of this information helpful to you, please let me know in the comments! 

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