Living in Santa Clara, CA - Moving to the Bay Area Series Episode 4!

In this episode of my ‘Life in the Bay Area Series’ we’re taking you to one of Silicon Valley’s most historical cities - Santa Clara! 

Just outside of San Jose, Santa Clara is not one to miss. Allow me to take you on a personal tour of this community to learn more about the city's history, current lifestyle, the neighborhoods and one of my personal favorite restaurants to visit when I’m nearby.

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Santa Clara is ideal for just about anyone, regardless of your age, family status, or hobbies. This city is filled with many attractions for almost everyone to enjoy! Those working in tech will enjoy easy commutes to work, and families have great options for excellent schools and parks for children to enjoy. 

I also take you to one of my favorite places to stop for a bite to eat, Jang Su Jang, this place is incredible!  This Korean BBQ restaurant will have you visiting Santa Clara on the regular, if you aren’t a resident already!

If you want to learn more about what it’s like to live in Silicon Valley, check out my ‘Life in the Bay Area’ series on my YouTube page! Stay tuned for more cities coming soon! 

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