Real Estate MYTHS BUSTED! Market health VS Listing price

It's time to get some real estate myths BUSTED! First, let's talk about market health VS listing price!

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Want to know what of the most frequently asked questions I hear but are actually MYTHS? Does the sale price to the list price ratio showcase how hot the market REALLY is?! The truth is, this is a complete MYTH! 

In this video I'll educate you about listing prices, and go over recent Bay Area real estate data to help you see how the market health really has nothing to do with the way listing or selling prices are determined!

Having a Real Estate agent who is strategic on listing your home price to get more bids and knowing which homes are really worth bidding on is KEY!

Take some tips from this video on how you can better analyze the current market vs listing prices, and teach you to be strategic on putting in the RIGHT bid on a home!

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