Should You Sell your House WITHOUT a Realtor? | Weekly Bay Area Real Estate Tip #22

Every Tuesday, I go into detail a question I frequently get asked. This week, I'm going to show you how to decide if hiring a Realtor is worth it.

Are you thinking about selling your house but don't know what route to take to sell it? Is it even worth using a Realtor? The short answer on whether or not you should hire a Realtor will depend on your situation and who you hire. I'm not talking about the company or brokerage you hire; I'm talking about the individual agent.

TIME OUT… Here's how you decide if a Realtor is worth it or not. Their involvement in the transaction creates a better outcome for you. Sometimes that is marketing to as wide of an audience as possible, maximizing your profits with the right strategy, and other times it's in results like selling it fast. It really depends on your situation.

You could also hire a flat fee type of brokerage where they will sell your house for a lower than a traditional fee. Yes, you'll save money on paper initially but are you really getting more in the long run? Many times when using a flat-fee type service, you as the owner, will be doing the majority of the transaction on your own, don’t expect much communication or strategy discussions, and will lead to generally MUCH bigger mistakes. I have personally been a buyer of many of these flat fee services and I can let you know that a majority of paperwork is missing and their work ethic and communication is subpar. Think about it, if they have no upside, and they are getting the same flat fee either way, what's their motivation to push and get more money for you? They are actually incentivized to take any deal to get this off their plate so they have less to juggle with. But, you get what you pay for. There’s no right or wrong, it depends on your goals.

OR you could go with the modern approach of selling your house and hiring a real estate agent like me. Either way, this isn't about whether or not you use a Real Estate Agent. It's about which is best for your specific situation. Most times, if you need to sell super fast and you don't want to maximize every dollar out of your home, then yes, selling directly to an investor or one of these large ibuyers like Opendoor might be a good option for you. Or you could go the concierge route and HIRE an agent Like ME. You see, the only reason I have a job is because my involvement in a transaction creates a better outcome than when I'm not. In other words, I make people a lot of money.

But this video has nothing to do with me! It's all about giving you the information you need to make good selling decisions. And that's why I'm giving you my entire real estate marketing plan for FREE. As long as you are willing to do my job for FREE, I want to be the one to show you. Now you might be wondering why a real estate agent would show you everything they do to sell a house without having to hire them? Why would a complete stranger show you how to avoid hiring them. Well, that's because I know it's a lot of work and requires a lot of skill, but hey if you are willing to do it, then I believe you deserve to keep any savings you get. And if you feel like it's too overwhelming, then you can always call me, and I'll sell it for you in no time, plus handle all the paperwork, marketing, negotiations and leveraging my network of thousands of agents. Selling real estate shouldn't cost 5-6%. It should net you 10-20%. But now you have all the information to make your own decision. So if you are interested in learning how to sell your house WITHOUT hiring an agent, here's a step by step marketing plan. I want to show you how to replace me. Hey, just maybe…. If you find it to be too much work, you might give me a shot at listing your home.

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