The Ultimate 2021 Bay Area Real Estate Recap & 2022 Market Predictions

Taking a look at 2021 Bay Area housing market data allows us to see a bigger picture of how the past year played out. This was truly one of the wildest years in the Bay Area real estate market history with record-low interest rates, record-high appreciation, and the lowest days on market we’ve seen in decades!

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If you’re a real estate investor (or want-to-be investor) who’s looking to buy a Bay Area property in 2022, it may be a smart idea to look at this past year’s housing data to set yourself up for success in the coming year. Taking a look at prior housing market data allows us to mildly predict what may happen in the realm of Bay Area real estate interest rates, affordability, supply, demand, and overall market sentiment so we can collectively make better investing decisions.

Should you buy a home NOW or WAIT? SPOILER ALERT! The Bay Area housing market is going to change as we head into 2022 but not because of a market crash or a foreclosure wave but because the Fed is going to start raising short term interest rates which is going to lead to higher interest rates. Ultimately, this will affect buyer demand in the Bay Area and lead to more supply of homes. In this video we are going to discuss the housing market predictions I’m making for 2022 so that you know how to navigate it as a homebuyer or seller in the Bay Area housing market for the year to come!

What was your biggest takeaway from 2021’s crazy housing market?  Are you still planning on purchasing a new home in 2022?If you’re looking to buy or sell in the Bay Area next year - let’s connect! I’d love to help you in your investment journey!


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