TOP things to know and do in Belmont, CA! Bay Area City Spotlights

There's always something to see in a big city, but sometimes, you just need to relax, recharge and unwind. Thankfully, the Bay Area boasts some incredible small towns like Belmont, California where you can still do all three.

Whether you want to brush up on history, nature hike through the mountain trails, or go where everyone will know your name, Belmont is the perfect hybrid of city and hillside for those looking to get away. A world-class location in every respect - the stunningly beautiful and culturally rich Belmont is not only a unique place to visit but also to live. The area has a lot going for it: exceptional arts and cultural activities; plenty of history and sense of place; trails that circle a pristine lake with scenic views; and all the education and services anyone could want.

The climate is one of the most unusual in the world, and the area is among the most ethnically and socially diverse in the country. A weekly farmer’s market, live concerts in the park, and a quaint downtown area with considerable local entertainment and culture makes this city one of the most interesting and sought out places to live in the country.

Watch my video to learn more about Belmont, the charming town that offers residents plenty to love and visitors plenty to enjoy. Keep watching this channel for more informative videos on real estate in the Bay Area.

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