Why every listing needs professional pictures & videos | Weekly Bay Area Real Estate Tip #20

On today's Tuesday Tip episode, we're going to explain why getting professional pictures and video on your home is no longer an option, it's a necessity…unless, of course, you don't care about selling for top dollar…

People don't need to sell their home with a Realtor anymore; they choose to do so. Today, you can list by owner, sell direct, hire a flat fee broker, or go a traditional route and hire a beast Realtor, like me(!!), but the point is that you have options. Regardless of which option you use to sell your home, getting professional photos and videos is no longer an option; it's a necessity!

The way people shop for homes online has changed. Did you know that over 90% of the search starts online? People today first see a house they like online, then they drive past it, and if they are still interested, that's when they set the appointment to view it.

First, let's start with pictures and videos. Taking pictures with a cell phone is a big no-no. You might as well use this polaroid camera and send them the photos in the mail. You must hire a professional to handle this for you! The statistics on professional photography speaks for itself. Properties with HD enhanced images sell for 45% faster, and they also sell 75% closer to the listing price. So every property should have listings photos too. The pictures should show off the main selling features of the home, such as kitchen details, views, communal space, and bedrooms. These are rooms that trigger emotion, and they need to be shot in the best light possible! The agent can also decide which pictures are shown to the public. People are less likely to schedule a showing for a house that looks terrible online.

The video should do the opposite. The video will showcase a live walkthrough of the house and, more importantly, showcase the flow of the house. The video is not going to sell the house, but it will increase showings and filter out people that aren’t serious. It allows your listing to stand out in a herd of homes for sale! This is also the perfect opportunity to share specifically what people should know about the home and the community. Video gives you an extra edge in marketing your home to the masses that properties without video cannot do.

The way people search for homes for sale has changed, and so has the role of a modern Realtor. It is essential you hire someone with more than just a real estate license; they should be a marketer! It’s all about ATTENTION. So if you are thinking about selling your house, make sure you get professional pictures and videos are used no matter who you hire. Or you can hire Spencer Hsu, and I'll do it all for you! 

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