Every Tuesday, I go into detail a question I frequently get asked. Are you a medical resident, practicing physician, or a dentist? Did you know that you can buy with 0% down and no mortgage insurance? You don’t want to miss this video.

There are certain programs that many people are not familiar with. If people knew this, this is a highly competitive advantage to get out of renting much sooner or to trade up for a larger home without the need to save for a larger downpayment . My goal with this weekly tuesday tip series is not only educating the public, but also providing my network with competitive advantages since I personally track all of the different loan programs. This is a video if you are a medical resident, practicing physician, oral surgeon, dentist, or CPA or if you have friends that are these professions that are renting or living in a home smaller than they would like.

Many people are not aware that these professionals have some of the most flexible and lenient programs in the industry. Mortgage insurance is typically needed where a borrower goes less than 15% down. This is an insurance from the government that is there to protect the lender since the borrower is putting less than the standard amount down. It’s typically a monthly premium that’s added to a loan. However, certain lenders are willing to be more leveraged to help certain professionals get into a home faster. This is why these professionals I brought up, can buy homes with little to no money down and this goes for all sorts of price ranges. Take a look at the programs available.

-100% loan to $650K with no mortgage insurance

-95% loan to $1.25M with no mortgage insurance

-90% loan to $1.5M with no mortgage insurance

-80% loan to $1.75M obviously with no mortgage insurance.

-30, 20 and 15 year fixed loans as well as a 5 and 7 year ARM.

-Deferred school debt not counted in qualifying debt ratios

-For Residents & Fellows, MD, DO, DDS, DMD (other designations maybe acceptable)

These programs are subject to change so reach out to me to learn more about your scenario!

Certain hospital chains like Kaiser also provide a down payment assistance program which basically provides up to 10% at very little to no interest as long as you stay with the hospital for several years. Think about it as a use it or lose it benefit sign on package. This program stacks with the lending program offered by the bank so you can use this assistance to cover your commitments for the down payment.

Now which bank offers such a great program? Only one that I am aware of right now which is BBVA. Take advantage of this sooner than later since banks do change their guidelines over time. For example Bank of America, had changed their minimal down payment from 5 to 15% a few months so this is not something that may last forever.

If you are one of these professionals or know of anyone that is, even if they are a resident, it’s important for them to know about this program especially knowing that their monthly payment may already be lower than what their rent may be. If you have any questions, or would like to begin the homebuying journey, let’s talk! I’m never too busy to have a private conversation and share how I can help you every step of the way. If you found this video helpful, smash that like button, hit subscribe and click on that little bell. You’ll be notified every time I release a new video. Thanks for tuning in to another episode! Engineering a better life, today.

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