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Buying and selling real estate in the most expensive market in the United States needs to be done strategically and not on pure emotion. Having worked as a Software Sales Manager for over a decade has taught Spencer one thing; how to systematically analyze numbers and situations to make a calculated decision. Today, Spencer applies the exact same formula to the way he advises his clients on making educated real estate decisions. He prides himself on making sure his clients have ALL the information to make the right decision. Buying and selling a home is never easy, but with the right guidance and team behind you, we will take on the journey together so you can enjoy the process.

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Spencer Hsu
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Client Experiences

Spencer helped us purchase our first home in the middle of a pandemic! He arrived with a mask and gloves each time that we needed to meet in person. He responded to all correspondence (texts, emails, etc.) in a timely manner and did a great job of keeping us informed and updated throughout the process. We appreciated his honesty when discussing strategies for making offers and valued his opinion about the overall homebuying experience. We knew we could count on him to facilitate any conversations between our team and the sellers. Spencer is a great resource to have and a quality agent. We highly recommend him for anyone else who is considering buying a home!
We bought our first home ever with Spencer. He advised and guided us throughout the whole buying process. He was very responsive. Any query or concern we had, he would respond very quickly. This helped us in making decisions faster. He would stand back and allow us to form our own opinions and make decisions. Other agents we worked in the past would try to influence our opinion in order to make a quick sale. He was also very organized in his approach. Overall, we recommend Spencer to anybody looking to buy a home.
Spencer helped my wife and I to buy our first house! As first time buyers, he is very nice to talk to, always easygoing, patient and energetic. He diligently respond to our questions, requests, following up with sellers etc quickly. Visited each house with us to point out some pros and cons that we might miss. He's not pushy at all. He's very good at keeping a good relationship with the listing agent which helps for making a competitive offer. I really enjoy working with Spencer, thank you very much!
Spencer is an experienced and passionate realtor in the SF Bay Area. If you’re embarking on your house hunting journey in this area, reach out to Spencer and he will be the best business partner in one of your most important projects in your life. We are so grateful that our paths crossed Spencer’s – it was our first open house and Spencer (and our mortgage broker) took on us even though we were first time rookie buyers! It was quite the journey and we have swung between any kind of property at any location in the South Bay but Spencer always listened to our thoughts and priorities and made recommendations accordingly. Spencer always responds fast to any question and goes out of his way to make ends meet. We loved working with Spencer given his data driven approach on how to win the offer. Spencer helped us with anything and everything in the process of buying and we always felt very confident with his expertise on both the market factors as well as how to best execute the house buying process. I strongly believe that this data driven process and market expertise led us to save tens of thousands of dollars and got us closed below listing on the property we now live in. I can’t emphasize what a world of difference his passion makes and that he always regards your best interest. To conclude, Spencer has our highest recommendation.
Spencer helped us get our first house! He diligently sent us potential houses that may be suitable for us and patiently went to each and every house we wanted to see (during these trying and difficult times). He discussed with us the pros and cons of the potential houses we visited. Very clear communication lines! He replied to our queries within minutes (even late at night). We got our keys yesterday and cannot wait to build memories in our new home. In one way or another, Spencer was able to make our dream come true. Thank you Spencer; for being with us every single step of the way!
I came to know Spenser from my friend and he recommend highly. He helped me for choosing the right property. Buying home during COVID-19 was not that easy but Spenser did a great job till closing home so recommend him highly.
Spencer reached out to me over social media. I had been considering selling my condo and appreciated his initiative, so I set up an initial call. When the pandemic hit, I thought it was the right time to sell. Others advised me that trying to sell during a pandemic would be disaster and I should just sit and wait. I'm not risk adverse, so I was happy that Spencer was ready to make the leap with me! Short story...after pivoting to use virtual tools as much as possible, combined with Spencer hustling to accommodate private showings as soon as they became available (which we were well positioned to do since we acted early in the pandemic and now there was an inventory shortage), I received a full-ask offer within a couple of weeks. As I type this, the condo sale closed last week, and I've been investing my profits much to my benefit. To be honest, I haven't worked with many real estate agents as a seller, so I don't have a huge baseline for comparison. Based on my experience, here are the unvarnished pros and cons. Cons: Slightly more self scheduling/coordination for repair, cleaning, etc. than *I* expected. Again, this may be typical and I admit I lack experience with this part. Spencer definitely made the connections, and the actual effort on my part was minimal, so this isn't much of a con. Pros: Here's the good stuff! Spencer takes a more holistic approach both from an economics and social perspective, taking into account various factors affecting the market, and all avenues in making connections. He does his homework, he's aware of trends. He responds at all hours. He's highly motivated. He's tech savvy. He's willing to drive up and down the whole Bay area. He's super nice on top of it! In short, I highly recommend Spencer. I took a chance with him and don't regret it. Go ahead ahead and contact him, or at least check out his YouTube or join one of his virtual Happy Hours. I doubt you will regret it either. Happy house hunting/selling!
I had a great experience buying my first condo in the US thanks to Spencer. He was like the friend I needed that knew the ins and outs of real estate, listened to what I was looking for, and kept an eye out for me. I could reach him at any time to get his thoughts on places I was interested in. I mostly went to open houses myself, but when I found one I really liked, Spencer would arrange a private tour to talk about it in person. I decided to make an offer on the second condo that we toured and he guided me through the process. He provided comparables for a price reference and was honest when we discussed how much to bid, giving his thoughts on the competition without being pushy. While the first offer we made was not accepted, I ultimately was able to buy an even better place. I loved the layout and the views when I saw it online, but it was already in contract at that time. About a month later Spencer got wind that it had fallen out of contract and set me up with a virtual tour right away (due to coronavirus). I was going to make an offer for 10k above asking, but he advised me that we could win the bid at asking price. And he was right! Compared to the previous contract price, I got it for 50k less! The closing process was not as smooth as it could have been because of errors in the appraisal and delays in confirming the loan. Spencer helped to get those issues sorted out and in the end we got it done. Overall I'm very happy with how things turned out, and I would gladly recommend Spencer to my friends and family!
Spencer is detail and goal-oriented agent and can deliver things promptly. He helped us purchase our first home in Mountain View! It was very unexpected, and he made things possible. He even worked overtime to ensure we’ll get our offer ready on the offer deadline day. From the day our offer was accepted, he showed us how hands-on agents should be. A timeline complete with assignments and things to do were given to us as well as the expected closing date. It was a long journey, but Spencer was always reachable. He offered us professional and honest feedback on everything we asked. He provided promising companies that can help us with our renovation. I will highly recommend Spencer. He gave us a spreadsheet with details on recently sold houses to provide us with information on how much we should pay. He was also never pushy about increasing our purchase price and respected the amount we were comfortable with. He is the man! Thank you, Spencer, for your outstanding service. Your exceptional work made everything possible. Good luck and our family wishes you the best! May you help many young families from here onwards.
My husband and I just got the keys to our first house thanks to Spencer! Throughout the whole homebuying process, he answered any questions we had, provided comparables for any house we were interested in, and made himself available whenever we needed him. He made the experience straightforward and stress-free. If a house seemed out of our price range, too competitive, or had any red flags, he was honest and let us know. There was never a lack of communication with him. He's very knowledgable about real estate and works really hard at any hour as needed (though we made sure not to bug him too early or late). We definitely recommend him for anyone who needs a real estate agent!
My wife and I met Spencer right when we were beginning to get serious about buying a house, and we are so glad we did! Spencer was invaluable at each step in our process. First he took the time to educate us about each step in the process, helped us refine our search criteria, and taught us how to get alerted about properties we would be interested in. At times we would state an assumption and Spencer would patiently and respectfully provide a counter point and give us data to help us become more educated. Spencer is selfless with his time. Any time we needed something he was there. He also brings a high level of data and knowledge to help his clients make the best choices. Whether we were running comps, making strategic offers, or assessing a house, we always felt like we had an edge with Spencer. I would highly recommend Spencer for any real estate needs. He is an expert in this field, intelligent, good with people, and one of the hardest workers I have ever met.
I had pleasure to have Spencer navigating me through my journey of purchasing a new home in Milpitas as primary residence. Spencer provided me amazing advisory service and tailored a timeline for me including selling my investment property to fund my new primary residence. The journey went smoothly in every aspect. Spencer is very good at running comparative analysis, for most of the properties I am interested in, he was able to provide a detailed excel spreadsheet with recent data and accurately estimate the final price (+/-$20k). Aside from his great technical knowledge in real estate, Spencer is also very responsive regardless of types of my questions during my home purchasing journey, he was able to answer and escalate my questions as well as proactively provide me with several options at anytime. During the escrow closure process, Spencer was able to project track every single detail of open items and provide constantly reminders to me, this resulted the completion of escrow process without any unexpected surprises. Spencer is a hard working, knowledgeable individual whom excels in bay area's real estate market. If you would like to buy or sell in bay area, don't hesitate reaching out to Spencer!
Thank you Spener for the amazing service that you've provided us in selling & buying our house within the last couple of months. It all went amazingly smooth from start to finish. It's important to work with an agent that is knowledgeable, dedicated and mostly importantly dependable like you. We felt both transactions were handled in a professional manner with excellent communication. Our questions and concerns were addressed promptly. We appreciate your advice when we came across some indecisive decision. We're very very pleased and happy with the amount you sold our house for considering it was not the most desirable house on the market. Overall, you did a fabulous job and a true delight to work with. We will not forget to bring up the name Spencer Hsu when we hear someone wants to buy or sell. Thank you again for all your hard work.
Spencer helped us buy our first home is Mt.view and he did an excellent job. He was knowledgeable and patient enough to answer all our doubts at any hr of the day and never came across as pushy. While closing the deal, excessive delays from the bank side pushed to time crunchy situation. Spencer helped us to navigate through these troubled waters successfully and we really impressed by his meticulous analysis of the situation and resourcefulness. He is someone who will definitely get things done once he takes upon the job. It is our pleasure to recommend Spencer!
Spencer is a meticulous, honest, and friendly agent. We were able to see how he worked from initial contact to closing. At first we were hesitant to enter the market, but even then, he was professional, responsive, and hard-working. He took the time to understand what we were looking for and was able to point us to houses that would fit within our criteria and realistic budget. He was able to facilitate every step of the way and was always ready to answer any questions we had despite our erratic schedules. He strives for transparency and is not afraid to be frank and bring out potential issues in a home or home pricing. His attention to detail and review of records highlighted several issues with some listings that we would not have even imagined. Furthermore, he helped us to fully understand how varies aspects would play into any bid we made on a house. It's obvious he cares about his clients, takes the time to understand their needs, understands the local community, and has a wealth of professional contacts that help with each step of the home buying process. He is impressively responsive to whatever questions we had, even beyond the scope of purchasing a house. Spencer has definitely earned our trust and gratitude!
My experience with Spencer Hsu as a seller was seamless, start to finish. I responded to Spencer's letter of inquiry for clients looking for a home, and appreciated his approach, professionalism, and candor from the onset. Selling my home of the past 14 years where I raised my son, the ideal hope for me was to work closely with an agent to find a well suited buyer. I got that working with Spencer, we communicated easily and openly related to details, he brought his clients, and within days we were in escrow. There were no hitches or glitches throughout the process, which is the role of an attentive agent; I've learned that having personally been at one end or the other of over 20 real estate transactions the past 30 years. Spencer's commitment to communication and detail are what it takes for a real estate transaction to work well and go smoothly for everyone involved.
Spencer is meticulous, thoughtful, organized, driven, and committed to the local community. Check out his series of interviews with local businesses or one of the meetups he organizes on a regular basis if you don't believe me! Whenever I'm mulling over a big decision I reach out to him for feedback and his unique and informed option has always been helpful. A+, would recommend