Spencer Hsu, MBA Tech Realtor

Spencer Hsu was born and raised in the Bay Area, has lived here for over 34+ years, and now is in the top 1% Realtor in the area. Buying and selling real estate in the most expensive market in the United States needs to be done strategically and not on pure emotion. Having worked as a Software Sales Manager has taught Spencer one thing; how to systematically analyze numbers and situations to make a calculated decision. Today, Spencer applies the exact same formula to the way he advises his clients on making educated real estate decisions. He prides himself on making sure his clients have ALL the information to make the right decision. This is why he releases 4 videos a week on Youtube and his podcasts which have been tremendously helpful to the public. Outside of real estate, he loves traveling, trying new restaurants, investing, learning new technology, playing competitive tennis, and playing golf.